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My Andaluz patio

The Curious Case of the 1st July

It is currently 31°C whilst I write this on my roof terrace at 9pm as Spain experiences an unseasonal heat wave. Even though my sister back in dreary Lancashire tells me she has her heating on it was 39°C in Córdoba this afternoon. It probably has something to do with El Niño or the […]

A Weed is But An Unloved Flower

My first year in Spain and this appeared in my (small) garden.

I allowed it to grow not realising what it was, I took a photo and displayed it on Facebook asking for answers which came back as a unanimous “WEED” so I promptly pulled it up and the same in the subsequent years.

Now just […]

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Dave Beasant Keeping Goal at 56

Dave Beasant is a football goalkeeper and last weekend was on the bench for Stevenage Borough in their League Two play-off semi-final, at the age of 56. He became the oldest player to be selected in a match day squad in football league history.

He was a bit of a journey man having played for […]

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Shiitake Mushrooms – Grow Your Own

The Shiitake is an edible mushroom native to Asia where it is a symbol of longevity because of its health promoting properties and has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The name ‘shiitake’ comes from the Japanese language with ‘shii’ meaning wood of the tree and ‘take’ which translates as mushroom.

These […]

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Jaén, Coffee and Jack Sparrow

Usually I wake when it is dark only when I have to go to an airport so yesterday morning at 05.45 when my alarm rang it took a second or two to realise that I wasn’t off to somewhere exotic but simply to Jaén city.

It was another day of charity work.

Tony ‘call me Jack […]

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My Charity Work and the Only Pirate in the Village

I’ve seen it all now. My charity case, Tony Cartwright has only gone and joined the pirates. And I don’t mean Pittsburgh Pirates or any other sports team. It’s just that he doesn’t want to be called Diabetic Tony any longer… now it is Ed Teach aka Blackbeard.

For people who know me are aware […]

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Everywhere is walking distance….. if you have the time

“Everywhere is walking distance….. if you have the time.” Steven Wright

Walking is something most of us do every day without even thinking about it but in modern times it is so easy to jump into your car when, often with a little bit of thought and time, we could walk to the shops, doctors, […]

I Want A Pasta Dish Named After Me Please

I was born and bred in London before venturing to the bad lands in the north. However, I did return south to live in West Kensington for a couple of years. I was within walking distance of Stamford Bridge, the home of my football club and also within striking distance of Italian restaurant, San […]

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China Travel Wall Tiles

At most places in China it is impossible to find ceramic wall tiles depicting a scene of the places that you have visited – apart from the banal overpriced ones at the major airports that is. However, in a junk shop in downtown Shanghai the owner of the establishment said that if I called […]

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What is Left in the Fridge Recipe

I have been busy, genuinely busy and I haven’t found the time to stock up my fridge so yesterday evening there came a point when I scratched my head and wondered what to prepare for my evening meal. It was quite late so I created supper from the left overs and bit and pieces remaining […]

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