I normally post stuff on Facebook. Randomly. And although it is a good way of keeping in touch with friends and family somebody suggested I should create a blog which I ignored until last year.

So for reasons unknown I used Blogger to create my blog but now it is my own hosted site created using WordPress. And here I am at the middle of June 2014 having posted 91 times since May of last year.

Some while ago I was born in Clapham in south London just 3 miles from Stamford Bridge which is home to my team and as long as you do not support Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Spurs then you are welcome to post comments here. I’m just kidding, of course I love you all, well most of the time anyway.

I live amongst zillions of olive trees in Spain’s Andalucía which is rich in history, gastronomy and olives… And one day I’ll get to see properly the magical cities of Granada, Jaén and Córdoba and their palaces, castles, little known treasures and tapas.

My home is in a small pueblo blanco with a population of just 642 people where I live alone at Casa Adora with my herbs, travel wall, Andaluz patio and music. And now my blog too.

Food is a passion of mine, I enjoy sourcing the ingredients (that is not always easy for some items in rural Spain), preparation and cooking from scratch each day. My daughter-in-law suggested I should be on ‘Come Dine With Me’ but I am not competitive about it. Food just needs a bit of attention, imagination and love. Although I admit it always tastes better when it is for two… a glass of something chilled usually helps also.

And if you want a feel for my blog then this is how I think you should look after enjoying pasta made with a rich and slow cooked tomato sauce. This is my grandson, Alvaro, who lives in Almería with my eldest son’s family.



Anyway give it a try, go on you know you want to. Oh and remember to press the Share button!