Camembert, poetry,
Bouquet of our meals,
What would become life,
If you did not exist?

I love camembert and usually it is packed in a round wooden box that makes presentation at the table very pleasing on the eye and the smells whilst it cooks will have your guests drooling. Some boxes have become collector’s items. We have to thank Marie Harel for the cheese, Eugène Ridel for the box, Brillat-Savarin for the verse and Anita Clarke for this:

Camembert á la Clarke

Unwrap the camembert and make slits in the top of the cheese, in the slits place slivers of garlic and fresh thyme leaves. Put it back in the wooden box then bake on a baking sheet in a hot-ish oven for 25 minutes or so with foil over the top removing it for the final 10 minutes of baking.

Break into the top of the cheese with crusty bread. It’s for sharing and very more-ish. This makes a good starter or supper.