Whatever your circumstances are there is always somebody worse off than you, no matter how bad you feel and in this respect it is in my nature to endeavour to raise money for worthy causes.

Until recently I was living in England’s Lake District which gave me the opportunity to raise funds by yomping* across Morecambe Bay (whilst the tide is out, of course).

The Big Stride, Wellies Required, etc., all yomps raised money for Everyman – stamp out male cancer… which are the ones men generally ignore, prostate and testicular cancer.

Anyway, whilst enjoying life in rural Andalucía I have decided to do something that even I think is a real challenge = Dry January 2014.

Can I stay off the booze for 31 days? I think I can but wait a bit… what about my existing charity effort of meeting up with diabetic Tony every Sunday for his weekly tipple… and then there’s Burn’s Night on the 25th…  oh dear, I have fallen off the wagon already.

And if by chance you would like to support this effort by donating to Everyman and Alcohol Concern then you can do so at my fund raising page: 

BRITISH. informal
Verb: gerund or present participle: yomping
1.(of a soldier) march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain.