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Time for a change of hair style

Now I admit that I haven’t an awful lot of hair but what I do have grows extremely quickly. I put this down to a diet of red wine, garlic and lemons.

My preferred hair dresser in Spain, and I don’t mind giving them a plug, is Jesus Caño Peluquerias in Martos. They have two shops but I […]

Delhi Belly or Montezuma’s Revenge what would you do?

I keep pinching myself that I am off to India with an old git on Monday.

Soon Tony Cartwright and I will be boarding the AVE high speed train in Cordoba bound for Madrid but a thought occurred to me as I read (again) The Rough Guide to India…

At best 50% of visitors to India suffer from travellers’ […]

Trainspotting in India

I do charity work.

Every Sunday I accompany my friend, Diabetic Tony, around the local bars in our little village in the Sierra Sur region of Spain’s Andalucía and whilst doing so one sunny Sunday in November he mentioned his ambition to visit India but had never had the opportunity to go there with a […]

I haven’t blogged much lately which is due to two reasons:

1. I am being dry (Dry January – for charity), except Sunday’s when I have special dispensation as I do other charity work on the Sabbath. And when you are dry you do not have much enthusiasm – trust me.

2. I am planning a trip to India next month. Well, the flights are booked […]

There are more chickens than people in the world

Apparently there are around 19 billion chickens in the world and I have no idea who counts them. It goes without saying that China leads the way with 371 million, even Bermuda boasts 30,000 chicks.So I am thinking… if there are 19 billion chickens knocking around why are there people starving in some parts […]

What to do with a coconut

Coconut milk has a place in my cooking heart. It comes out of a tin and lifts meals, enabling me to create Asian or Caribbean fusion with fish, meat and vegetables. With a fresh coconut you can gather coconut water* – make coconut milk and grated coconut but you need time, patience, a lot […]

When the fridges & freezers are working overtime

It’s hot and the refrigeration equipment is working overtime to keep things cool but that doesn’t mean I want salad for supper.  I am hankering after heat, fresh and hot. Coconut chilli chickenCut a chicken breast into thigh size pieces and brown in oil. Set aside and drain off most of the oil and […]

Proper Mulligatawny Soup:It has been a long time

When I was a young man of 17, just starting out in my working life in the big city, I discovered The Taj Mahal in Streatham, south London.At this Indian restaurant, just off Streatham High Road, was an experience that 4½ decades later I would still hanker after. Mulligatawny  Soup – a bowl of […]

Rice: Pilaf, pilau or polow

I have a thing about rice. In my store cupboard you can find wild rice from France, arborio from Italy, Indian basmati rice and of course arroz bomba from Spain. I have a selection of brown (integral/wholemeal) rice too. Pilaf is an English term borrowed from the Turkish pilav which in turn is derived from […]

Spice is nice: Cayenne pepper

This Capsicum gets its name from the capital city (Cayenne) of a French overseas region called Guiana which is on the north Atlantic coast of South America where cayenne chillies originate.The chillies are red and when matured they are dried and then ground into a pungent powder.I make my own in small batches by […]