“Everywhere is walking distance….. if you have the time.” Steven Wright

Walking is something most of us do every day without even thinking about it but in modern times it is so easy to jump into your car when, often with a little bit of thought and time, we could walk to the shops, doctors, school or even to work instead.

Until recently walking had gone out of fashion but it is making a comeback as people realise that walking is a good and easy way to get fit and stay fit. No need for the gym just walk to a friend’s house leaving your car on the drive. Or get that rusty bike out of the shed. You know the drill.

Now I must practice what I preach so this year I have again signed up for the the 5×50 Challenge.

The 5×50 Challenge launched in 2012 and was created to encourage people to run, walk, jog or cycle every day for 50 days with the aim to change exercise habits for a lifetime. It is a charity challenge that has over 15,000 participants from 43 countries. It has raised a huge £210,000 so far for an assortment of charities.  Find out more or join the challenge at www.5×50.org