Making Sourdough bread in the Lecrín Valley (Granada province)

The Valle de Lecrín is made up of mainly small villages, often with less than 200 residents and in the case of the village of Saleres the population is just 165 including Mike and Lydia who run Lara’s Loaf Sourdough School where I had a very pleasant stay recently as my birthday treat. Lydia kindly baked me a cake but thoughtfully used just three candles.

I’ve always made bread on and off over the years, I even had a Panasonic bread maker when I lived in England, which produced a wonderful wholemeal loaf overnight. The thought of controlling what ingredients go into my bread is always satisfying.

And sourdough is simply flour, water and salt. Throw in some time, attention and airborne yeast and that’s it.

Flour: Mike recommends a miller in Antequera who provides him with locally-grown, unbleached, untreated organic wheat flour that’s been stoneground.

Water: filtered

Salt: from the sea

The process of making sourdough bread from start to finish takes 30 hours so I booked into Casa del Mulo for my Lara’s Loaf Sourdough bread making course on Thursday afternoon and departed on Saturday lunchtime. It was the christening of Mike and Lydia’s son on Saturday afternoon and although I was very kindly invited to stay; unfortunately I couldn’t.

Mike and Lydia were wonderful hosts and I got time to play with their kids, Lara and Matthew. Unfortunately, it rained so I didn’t have the opportunity to explore the village with or without an umbrella.

Anyhow, although time consuming the end result is worth it.