This makes a tasty alternative to lemon chicken. It’s cheap and easy but still worthy for a Saturday night in front of the log burner. It also makes comforting eating if your team happen to have lost in the afternoon.

Take some chicken pieces, thighs and/or drumsticks. Skin them and slash the thick parts of the meat and place in a bowl. Add a glug each of soy sauce and Chinese rice wine or dry sherry giving everything a good coating then set aside.

Meanwhile make the sauce:

Peel 4 strips of zest from a large orange then microwave on high between sheets of kitchen paper in 3 or 4 20 second blast so that the peel becomes dry. Allow to cool before chopping finely. Squeeze the orange juice into a bowl and whisk in a couple of teaspoons corn flour making sure it is dissolved.

Place a pan over medium heat adding a glug of sunflower oil (or vegetable or olive oil), when hot add:

2 cloves garlic, crushed and finely chopped
1″ piece fresh root ginger, finely chopped
Big pinch dried red pepper flakes
Dried orange zest

Cook for 30 seconds – stirring.

Splash soy sauce
A good glug rice wine or dry sherry
Splash cider vinegar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
Grind black pepper

Cook for 5 seconds – stirring. Add more sugar if things are not starting to thicken up a bit.

Finally add the orange juice mixture bringing things up to a boil then reducing the heat. Simmer for a minute or two until the sauce starts to thicken – set aside.

Now fry the chicken in oil in a frying pan, browning all over. When the chicken is cooked through add the orange sauce making sure that the chicken is coated then simmer for a few minutes longer.

Serve over steamed rice or vegetable couscous, sprinkled with sesame seeds and garnished with fresh coriander.

Orange Chicken