Sometimes, you just need to prepare something quick and easy. For starving kids or just for yourself, a quick and tasty dish can be simply made by using Cajun spices.

From a bottle of Cajun Blackening Rub from Salsa Sierra Nevada* add a spoonful to a bowl then mix with olive oil – add meat or vegetables of your choice – mine just happened to be pork and cauliflower which I served with vegetable couscous – making sure it gets a good coating.

Spread on a baking sheet and place in a hot oven (200°C) until cooked through. (Cauli around 25 minutes or less and the pork a bit longer).

Done in no time with the minimum amount of preparation… and it is indeed tasty, even if I say so myself, which I do.

* The reason that I recommend Salsa Sierra Nevada brand is not only do I have a vested interested (I am a partner in Salsa y Especias Sierra Nevada, SL) but more importantly I know what ingredients go into our products which are 100% natural and hand-made in small batches unlike some of the commercial stuff you find on supermarket shelves.

Cajun Spices

Cajun Spices