Risotto is simple yet comforting, you just need a good home made stock and not a stock cube or powder.Make your own and freeze what you don’t need for another day.

Chicken carcass, bones and wings
Carrot x2
Celery stick x2
Onion x1
Bay leaf x3
Black pepper corns 6
Tomato x1
Leek x1
Fresh parsley and thyme (big handfuls)
3 ltr water

Roughly chop the vegetables and place in a large pan with the chicken, water and remaining ingredients. Gently bring up to boiling point then reduce to a gentle simmer .

Simmer for 3 hours skimming off any scum.

Strain through a fine sieve squeezing every last drop of liquid and loveliness from the soft vegetables.

For an ‘oriental’ stock add garlic and a couple of chilles (with or without seeds).