Salsas y Especias Sierra Nevada




Nestling in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada just outside Granada, at the Gourmet Food Factory in Huetor Vega is where, Californian Carlos Perez produces his 100% natural hot sauces. He has been making them by hand since 1993.

Hot sauces started to appear on a commercial basis in the USA in the early 1800’s and today there are thousands of different brands of hot sauce on supermarket and delicatessen store shelves. It seems that we have fallen in love with chillies.

The ancient Mexicans knew a thing or two about chilli peppers as they cultivated them back in 3500BC and today they are grown all over the world including Britain which has a fine and varied production going on.

Health claims suggest that they have antiviral benefits, they are rich in vitamins A & C as well as antioxidants. There’s also claims that they have cancer-preventing potential.

The magic ingredient is capsaicin which can speed up the body’s metabolism and they also make the body produce endorphins which gives us a natural high.

I have been tasting and reviewing some of his bestsellers and I’m kicking off with my own favourites:

Salsa de Mostaza XXX – Vietnamese Lettuce Wraps with Hot Mustard Sauce 

Cajun Blackening Rub – Blackened Cajun Tuna Steak