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Sauces Pastes & Dips

How to Keep a Builder Happy

Vincent lives in my village, he is a retired builder and has done some work on my house over the past couple of years.

One day and completely out of the blue he told me that this place (my casa) needs a little pool. I replied crying with poverty, it is on my wish list. […]

By |November 27th, 2014|Andalucia|0 Comments|

Baked Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken Thighs in tangy tomato sauce

This is actually a quick supper especially if you have tomato sauce to hand. Do not use buffalo mozzarella but save it for your salad, use the cheap stuff instead.

First of all stuff a slice of mozzarella and a sprig of thyme under the skin of each thigh and place in small roasting dish. […]

By |September 2nd, 2014|Andalucia|0 Comments|

Cauliflower: Pimping it up

I love cauliflower cheese and cauliflower soup but there it probably ends, it is usually an add-on to stir fry, cauliflower bhaji or roasted vegetables perhaps. Oh, in actual fact it seems that I quite like cauliflower’s versatility.

But a quick and easy dish is cauliflower pesto stirred through pasta. It really is easy and […]

By |June 25th, 2014|Andalucia|1 Comment|

Under Pressure: Brown Stock

I have recently acquired a pressure cooker and at just 30€ it was too good an opportunity not to give it a go. My Mum swears by hers and I can fondly recall her making red lentil soup – it is difficult to spoil food in a pressure cooker because if you could then […]

By |June 24th, 2014|Andalucia|2 Comments|

Mr Bean: Andalucian style

Baked beans, also known as Boston beans or Navy beans. The commercial product is packed with sugar and salt – even the reduced versions. However, it is relatively easy to make H J Heinz rather jealous by making them in your own home.

It takes a while (simmering tomatoes and the ingredients for 2-3 hours) […]

Cooking Sous-vide on the Cheap

Sous-vide is a method of slow cooking food (in sealed plastic bags) in a water bath. It’s a French invention wouldn’t you know?To buy a half decent Sous-vide gadget will set you back over 200€ but my method is much cheaper and you don’t have to buy anything except food grade cling film (one […]

By |April 25th, 2014|France|1 Comment|

Risotto: It is all in the stock

Risotto is simple yet comforting, you just need a good home made stock and not a stock cube or powder.Make your own and freeze what you don’t need for another day.

Chicken carcass, bones and wings
Carrot x2
Celery stick x2
Onion x1
Bay leaf x3
Black pepper corns 6
Tomato x1
Leek x1
Fresh parsley and thyme (big handfuls)
3 ltr water

Roughly chop […]

By |April 14th, 2014|Italy|1 Comment|

There’s more than one type of squash

One of my sons is a squash professional but this is a different kind of squash.
Even though Francisco at Frutas Mati chopped a very large butternut squash in half for me it was still too much so after making soup and roasting some I decided to use the reminder to make a great […]

What to do with coulis

Poached chicken supreme stuffed with peppers, sautéed asparagus spears and finished with red pepper coulis. This went very well with a chilled bottle of dry white that had been winking at me every time I opened the fridge door. 

Roasted red pepper coulis

Using fresh peppers (yes, they were odd shaped but they smell and taste of peppers) that I purchased from the village today, I set about making this tasty and versatile coulis. And what is a coulis you may ask. Well, it is not a sauce nor a gravy it is a vegetable or fruit […]