I had a triffic day on Wednesday visiting Jaénapart from the fact that I forgot my camera that is and also the oldest tapas bar in Jaén that we were seeking was actually closed. Well, I suppose everybody is entitled to a day off even the owners of a bar that has been in the same family since 1881. I had read about Taberna El Gorrion in a blog Andalucia Explorer by Rachel Webb.

This was an uncommon day for me as I typically spend time in Jaénstanding in queues in official buildings sorting out paperwork but on this occasion I was able to see the cathedral, Arab baths and the indoor food market as well as some fine tapas bars down windy streets that had probably been frequented by non-camera wielding Jiennenses* since, well from 1881 onwards.

The photographs and the oldest tapas bar around will have to wait for another day.

Meanwhile, whilst I was out and about my new cactus, kindly donated by friends in my village, had developed ears and that evening decided to burst into bloom.  If you want to know what a flowering triffid looks like then see below.

*Inhabitants of Jaén are known as Jiennenses.