One of my sons is a squash professional but this is a different kind of squash.
Even though Francisco at Frutas Mati chopped a very large butternut squash in half for me it was still too much so after making soup and roasting some I decided to use the reminder to make a great and versatile sauce which livens up poached chicken perfectly.
This squash has a dense and deep orange flesh and it is a bit on the sweet side which makes it perfect for roasting that is easily done by drizzling olive oil over slices of squash that you have criss-crossed with the point of a sharp knife and with a grind or two of black pepper and a pinch of sea salt it will roast nicely in a hot oven enhancing its wonderful and unique flavour. 
You can make an interesting and different salad by adding the roasted squash to a salad of feta and toasted pine nuts. Mmmmm.
Butternut squash sauce
Make a mirepoix (finely chopped onion, celery and carrot) and sauté in a pan with sun flower oil over a low to medium heat. After a few minutes add chopped squash and continue to cook… adding crushed and chopped garlic, a splodge of tomato purée and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, stir lightly until everything is coated and has started to soften.
Add a big splash of white wine and turn the heat up a bit. When the wine has burnt off add a ladle of chicken or vegetable stock. Now cover and turn the heat down allowing things to simmer, soften and mingle.
When most of the liquid has reduced remove from the heat and allow it to cool before blending in a whizzer. Add salt and pepper to taste. 
Poached chicken with butternut squash sauce