I am lucky. Very lucky as I have wonderful neighbours. 

On one side is Rosa and Paco and their two sons Ruben and Carlos… they have been so helpful in helping me settle into rural life. Rosa is originally from Barcelona and speaks English which makes things too easy for me sometimes. Of course, she and her two sons support Barça but I can live with that. Paco is only interested in hunting. 

The other house is unoccupied but is used by the owner, Rafa, who breeds Partridges for the local hunters. I speak to him frequently but I really cannot understand 95% of what he is saying and when I mentioned it to Rosa she said, ‘don’t worry we cannot understand him either!’ 

Paco, Rosa,Carlos and Tina

There’s more to come regarding the neighbours… killing of the pig, chicken vindaloo, la legion et al…