And I don’t mean Androlla, Botifarra, Botillo, Chorizo, Embutido, Fuet, Longaniza, Morcón, Sobrassada or any other variety of Spanish sausage.

I was chatting with my friend Paulina in England last week. She told me that it was raining, cold and her central heating was on and that she had a scarf around her neck, I don’t know if she was implying that she was trying to hang herself but if she was then I managed to talk her out of it.

For comfort she was cooking sausage and mash. Cannot blame her really can you? But the mention of sausages must have subliminally immersed itself into my subconscious because on Saturday I found pork sausages in the butchers in Baena. I bought 6 fat bangers.

I wonder if Paulina realised that during her frozenness she actually inspired me to cook sausage, mash, caramelised onions, with an outside temperature of over 30°C that I enjoyed with a glass of wine and a view from the roof terrace, what more could one want? 

Thanks Paulina.

And with it do you prefer onion gravy, brown sauce or something else? Well, my onions were finished off with Madeira wine. Paulicious. 

Potato ricer