Just thinking about slow cooking lamb with oregano gets my heart racing… then add mint too means that I am in heaven. Almost.

Cooking for ONE.

First make a quick garlic infused oil by warming olive oil in a pan and adding some crushed cloves of garlic. When the garlic has started to brown remove the cloves as they have done their job. Allow the oil to cool.

When the oil has cooled rub it over your lamb shank then season and sprinkle with dried oregano – place in a roasting tin and cook for 30 minutes in a pre heated oven at 170°C | 150°C fan | Gas 3.

Meanwhile, make a mirepoix by chopping a carrot, onion and celery stick – place on a baking sheet and drizzle with a little oil (garlic oil if there’s any left) making sure everything is coated, then season. Place it in the oven and cook until starting to brown.

When ready remove both tin and sheet from the oven and flip the vegetables over the top of the lamb pouring in hot stock, a glass of dry white wine and a couple of unpeeled cloves of garlic plus a few bay leaves. Cover and cook for a further hour or so.

When the lamb is tender remove it and the vegetables and keep warm.

Place the roasting tin over a medium heat (skim off any excess fat) then thicken with a little cornflour, if necessary. Stir in chopped fresh mint and a spoonful of redcurrant jelly. When the jus has reached your required consistency pour it over the lamb and vegetables serving with  cauliflower and potato mash and greenery of your choice.

Braised lamb shank