Just to clear up any misunderstanding. Coriander = UK, Cilantro = Americas and parts of Europe, Dhania = Indian subcontinent.

I’ve mentioned before that fresh coriander is difficult to find in rural Andalucia, and I have difficulty growing it with any great success so with the remaining bunch sourced by my local fruit and veg shop I decided to make coriander pesto which freezes well and is great for pasta, soups or casseroles or anything else that needs a lift.

Take a large bunch of coriander, I added parmesan cheese, toasted pine nuts, garlic, a squeeze of fresh lemon and blitzed it in my Magimix drizzling in some extra virgen olive oil. This will stand me in good stead later in the year when fresh coriander isn’t available.

A French herb grower in the Limousin told me once that coriander likes warmth not heat so when the temperature starts to increase then the plants bolt.

Health note: Coriander helps to raise the levels of healthy cholesterol (HDL), which works as a preventative line of defence against a number of dangerous conditions.