This is real comfort food using up leftover leg of lamb. And using up all other left overs is comforting too.

Firstly, remove the meat from the bone of the leftover meat; it was cooked to the point where it was falling off anyway. With a sharp knife dice it as finely as you wish.

Meanwhile, fry a chopped onion in olive oil over medium heat, then add one or two diced carrots, a stick of celery, swede or turnip if you have any that need to be used up.

In a pestle and mortar mash up garlic, a little salt and the last of the sun dried tomatoes (in oil) and add that to the pan. Keep the remaining oil for use in other dishes.

When they have started to soften add:

One bay leaf
¼ teaspoon turmeric
Big grind black pepper
Heaped teaspoon cornflour

Pour leftover dryish white wine into the mortar and scrape up any bits of garlic and tomato. Add that to the pan also.

Give everything a good stir then continue to cook for a couple of minutes before adding stock. I had leftover chicken stock from yesterday.

Allow things to cook and reduce before adding the lamb, Worcestershire sauce, frozen peas and/or green beans that need emptying out of those bags at the back of the freezer.

By the way if the tubs of dried herbs are nearly empty then sprinkle them in too remembering to add items to next week’s shopping list.

Turn off heat and cover.

Prepare sufficient mash (and more) to make a decent covering for the pie – grate in leftover cheese as well as adding butter and white pepper. Add to the pie when the meat has cooled down (it will stop the mash from sinking) or if you cannot wait like me, then don’t bother.

Serve with the remainder of yesterday’s cabbage and a glass of leftover red wine (that last bit is a joke).

Shepherds Pie