Goodbye England. 

I left mid-June 2012 for my new life on the overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Dieppe with Florence my car pulling a trailer containing my worldly goods. Needless to say it was raining when I departed.

Florence somewhere south of Madrid

I felt a little like Del Boy as the car was packed to the gunnels so that I couldn’t see out of the rear window and I’m sure the trailer was overloaded too. My son is in the logistics industry so he arranged for 2 pallets to be delivered to me and as the only piece of furniture I brought with me was a wine rack it now makes me wonder what my stuff consisted of. 

Anyway, after ambling through France, staying  with Manu in Limoges, Tracy & Colin in the Limousin, Suzze & Henry in the Tarn, I was in my new country in 10 days – the temperature was 38°C, and I was just in time for the cherry festival in Castillo de Locubín

Viva cherries, I love them. 

And the first thing I cooked in my new 
kitchen was Linguine Vongole in a le Creuset frying pan which had been temporarily lost whilst packed in a box from a previous move in 2008.