200ml chicken stock
Small glass dry white wine
½  small onion, peeled & sliced
A few  fennel seeds
One lemon
Bunch flat-leaf parsley
Extra virgin olive oil
One skinless chicken supreme  (breasts with the little wing bone attached)
Frozen spinach, enough for one
Several capers
3 cloves garlic
Lemon for zesting 
Few grates nutmeg
Place chicken stock, wine, onions and fennel seeds into a pan and bring up to a simmer
Zest the lemon and finely chop half of the parsley and 2 cloves of garlic mixing together in a bowl with salt and pepper, mushing things up…  set aside for a bit.
Butterfly the supreme and open like a book, spooning  in half of the parsley mixture over each.
Close the supreme and wrap tightly in cling film before placing it in the simmering stock – it should be submerged – keep simmering…  and trust me that despite being wrapped in film simmering in stock works, try it with water, it is not the same.
Chop the rest of the parsley and capers together with the remaining garlic, lemon juice and some extra virgin olive oil – taste and adjust as necessary, add this to the spinach and celery leaves – sauté for a while.
The poached chicken should be ready after 15 minutes but if it is still pink at the thick end then re-wrap and throw it back in the pan.

This is simple, fresh, moist and delicious.