I have been busy, genuinely busy and I haven’t found the time to stock up my fridge so yesterday evening there came a point when I scratched my head and wondered what to prepare for my evening meal. It was quite late so I created supper from the left overs and bit and pieces remaining in my near empty fridge.

An onion which had started to sprout, one single shallot and a limp carrot were hiding amongst a mound of onion skins in the fridge’s vegetable drawer. They would do together with half an aubergine (just needed to slice off the dried up end) and with the remains of a pack of passata suddenly supper was appearing.

It helped that I had some, use it or lose it, pork mince in the fridge, dried pasta and garlic in the store cupboard plus bay leaf and parsley in my Andaluz patio. My mouldy piece of parmesan cheese left over from the pre-festivities would do nicely too – less the blue bits, of course.

What is left in the Fridge recipe


Now baked pasta with passata di pomodoro meat sauce sounds better than left overs, doesn’t it?