Phil Morrison, now turned 67, has supported the Acompalia Charity via the 5×50 challenge for years, raising money for good causes and doing what he can to help. Now Phil needs your support to help his son Paul who has been cruelly cut down by that most debilitating illness Multiple Sclerosis.

Paul, in his forties, has three children and he and his wife made Spain their choice of home many, many years ago. Paul was the family breadwinner working in the building trade. Paul was a hard-worker toiling long hours to give his family a great life in Spain.

Then,suddenly, he became aware that something was not right. In a short period of time Multiple Sclerosis had taken a grip on Paul’s body. This once fit and physical man now struggles to do anything. He cannot walk very well so taking his kids to school is a thing of the past, his memory lets him down and his speech can be slurred.

The family have researched HSCT which is an intense chemotherapy treatment that aims to stop the damage by wiping out and re-growing the immune system. They desperately want Paul to undertake this treatment but it comes at a cost. But you can help by sponsoring his Dad Phil in the 5×50 Challenge so the family can raise the £40,000 required.

Nobody deserves to have their quality of life so savagely wrenched from them so please be generous and support this cause. The family have created a Facebook page at once you have supported Phil, Paul and the family you will be able to monitor the progress towards the treatment target.




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