Or in my case a caminar en el campo. Within seconds of my front door is a track that skirts around my village through the olive groves. I walk this a route often, enjoying the tranquillity, wild flowers, rabbits, hares, birds and an occasional butterfly. I didn’t see a single soul in the groves. I like that.

Wild Chicory
Chicória (Chicory)

The last of the poppies

I am in the heart of Andalucia’s olive growing region and no matter in which direction you turn you can see nothing but a green sea of olive groves.  If you don’t like olives then you’ll probably not enjoy this walk very much but I love it.  

Reserved for hunting

The route takes a bit less than one hour which includes a visit to Frutas Mati for some fresh vegetables on the way back. Later I am going to cook something with the fresh and vibrant red and yellow peppers that winked at me in Fransisco’s shop.