It’s been far too hot to blog and anyway my home internet has been down for over 3 weeks. But today I have a craving for couscous and as I have my right arm back (read internet) then I am cooking and blogging again:

I imagine I would get this in a restaurant in Morocco; I can picture it now, the sun is shining over a secret riad where the lady owner is preparing this for me whilst I sip a very cold beer, oops I mean mint tea and listen to the hustle and bustle of a nearby market. I have never been to Morocco even though it is just a short ferry crossing away.


Take one chicken leg then cut into thigh and drumstick.
Sprinkle with a little turmeric, ras el hanout, a grind of black pepper, a pinch of salt and a little drizzle of oil setting aside for at least 30 minutes.
Cook in oil of choice over a medium heat, skin side down until skin starts to crisp then turn over and continue cooking until juices run clear when pierced with a skewer. Set aside and keep warm.


Slice a small onion thinly and place in a bowl with a good pinch of sugar and salt then pour over enough boiling water to cover and let it steep for 10 minutes or so. This will remove some of the acidity and make them change into a pinkish colour but only if you use red onions and I used all of mine making pickled red onions. Doh.

Add a generous glug of olive oil to a frying pan and fry the onions over medium heat until they are golden and crispy. Set aside and keep warm.


Tip 100g couscous into a bowl then crumble a stock cube (half) over, adding a shake or three of turmeric, a sprinkle of cinnamon plus a few toasted sesame seeds and pine nuts, lemon zest, crushed dried chillies and some chopped dried apricots, a few frozen peas and one finely chopped garlic clove. Pour over boiling water – just enough to cover, about 100ml, then stir and cover with cling film. This will ‘cook’ in 5 minutes. When done squeeze in some fresh lemon, a few chopped mint leaves, now stir gently and fluff up.

Serve on a white plate with a large mountain of couscous in the centre and the chicken over it and then the onions over the chicken. Sprinkle with fresh mint leaves.

Chicken with Golden Couscous  Crispy Onions