Rabitena is a 60 year old man who rears lambs in Alcaudete. His father, who was born in La Rabita, hence his name, did the same and his father’s father and the one before that… so when Rabitena dispatches one of his lambs he defies diktaks from Brussels or anybody else to stop what has gone on for generations before. And who I am to complain as I chose one, watched it peacefully dispatched, skinned, gutted and cleaned. It was done with love as I swilled an obligatory bottle of Cruzcampo (chilled it was too).  

I know I am top of the food chain so I don’t have any hang-ups about what I eat but I do know that I have more of a conscience than most supermarket shoppers.

Knowing that my food is reared to the best of the ability of the farmer, has traceability and above all that no matter how young or old the animal is or was, it has been treated well and with respect and enjoyed a half decent diet, freedom and fresh air (just like we do) before being dispatched to the great farmyard in heaven where my Dad now lives.

I am not extreme about it and you’ll never find me on a protest march either but I am concerned about this and how much pollution drops out of the sky from the zillions of flights across our skies every day. I think about it but it doesn’t stop me from flying.

So I eat most things including chicken’s feet but I draw the line at sheep’s eyes.