I enjoy walking.  Madeira Levadas, The Langdale Pikes, Cairngorms, La Vía verde del Aceite de Jaén or meandering through the local countryside.

Whilst living in Cumbria I’ve walked across Morecambe Bay many times with the Queen’s Guide to the Sands, Cedric Robinson, MBE raising money for charity. It is quite an experience and the route takes in 11 miles or so missing the infamous quick sands and of course it is done when the tide is out although you still have to ford a river or two.

One year my little sister and my nephew joined me in the knowledge that walking across the bay would mean that we’d miss the World Cup final. Not to worry as we raised lots of money for Everyman charity – stamp out male cancer.
Lil’ Sis

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in British men with almost 41,000 new cases diagnosed each year, while testicular cancer remains the most common cancer in men aged 15-44. 

My 7ft nephew