This is Anshi who lives inside a fort in the city of Jaisalmer of southwestern Rajasthan.


Her name means God’s gift and she doesn’t live in poverty but in one room with her sons within a fort that was built in 1156.

It is a magnificent fort but alas it is an endangered site as it shifts and crumbles resulting from the city’s poor drainage and sewerage systems. However, not to worry as the British charity, Jaisalmer in Jeopardy, are battling to save and protect it. I find that strange when India is expected to be the largest global economy after China within 20 years.

Jaisalmer fort

Getting back to Anshi, she offered to show us around her home which meant that we stepped into her room where she cooks, draws a curtain across the room to make sleeping quarters, watches TV and has a lovely view across the city. I think Anshi is one of the lucky ones.

Ashni's room