It is 2.15pm, and I am sat here waiting for Rafa the plumber from the next village who hopefully will fix an issue for me. I have three bathrooms, and I’ve not been able to use one of them. Yesterday, he said he’d be here ‘first thing’.

Once I called him out on a Tuesday, he arrived at 10 pm on a Saturday night.

Anyway, I decided to use my slow cooker to make something for dinner with chicken wings as you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll appear during the middle of preparation or when I am just about to sit down at the table. The slow cooker option gives me more flexibility. I can slow it down or speed it up depending upon his arrival.

Together with Brexit, the corrupt UK government and the pandemic I’d lost the will. I am blogging today just to prove that I haven’t completely lost it even though the Gov UK ads about leaving the EU on Spotify have completely got on my nerves today. Today I also learned that a couple on the coast I know are returning to the UK, apparently they have been flying under the radar and when they decided to register they didn’t actually qualify (rules much stricter now for 3rd country nationals). They are going to live temporarily with their daughter and her family in Devon, I’m not sure what they are going to do as they ‘sold up’ five years ago to move to Spain.

I have been cooking of course, baking a lot of bread too, especially sourdough but enthusiasm to write about food hasn’t been there.

I wasn’t intending on blogging and this recipe is entirely made up.

I have a Crock pot and I can use the pot on my gas hob, if you don’t have that option then you’ll need to use a frying pan.

Firstly, fry the wings in olive oil and butter. Don’t crowd the pan so fry them in batches and when they are nicely coloured remove and set aside.

Peel and quarter an onion and throw that in the pan.

Peel and half a parsnip* lengthways, throw that in too.

Whilst the vegetables are frying add the following to a blender then blitz.

Parmesan cheese
White pepper
Fennel seeds
Dried chilli flakes
Dried herbs of choice (I used Herbes de Provence)

When the vegetables have taken on some colour add a big glug of white wine of choice to the pot and turn up the heat to reduce the wine by half.

Add the wings back into the pot and sprinkle with the cheese mixture.

Cover the pot and place it back into the slow cooker. Set the temperature to low and the timer for 4 hours.

* parsnip I hear you say, well Francisco’s fruit and veg shop in the village has started to stock them, so I felt obliged to buy 2 kg (to make sure he keeps stocking them) and now at every opportunity I use them. I would have bought more but my freezer is full from lockdown cooking. Par boil them first then freeze in batches.

And of course, I forgot to capture an image of the finished product so here’s a photo of a sourdough loaf I made recently.