I love cauliflower cheese and cauliflower soup but there it probably ends, it is usually an add-on to stir fry, cauliflower bhaji or roasted vegetables perhaps. Oh, in actual fact it seems that I quite like cauliflower’s versatility.

But a quick and easy dish is cauliflower pesto stirred through pasta. It really is easy and if you have left over piri piri sauce and/or spicy home-made tomato sauce from my baked beans recipe then either adds a nice kick to what can otherwise be a little bland.

Using a blender whiz chopped cauliflower to a breadcrumb consistency then empty into a bowl.

Place chopped garlic, fresh basil and parsley leaves, chopped parmesan, white pepper, a dollop of piri piri sauce and a little drizzle of oil into the same blender then whiz until you have a paste. Spoon the paste through the cauliflower crumbs.

Cook pasta of your choice, mine was spaghetti, according to the packet instructions less one minute.

Whilst the pasta is on a rolling boil heat a frying pan over a medium heat adding a little olive oil… add the cauliflower mixture and cook for 5 minutes adding some white wine and tomato sauce to keep things fairly loose. After another 2 minutes or so drain the pasta and add to the frying pan giving it a good shake so that all the strands are coated with the cauliflower mixture.

Garnish with ripped basil leaves and extra parmesan if you wish. A good grind of black pepper will not go amiss and neither will a glass of something very chilled either. Salud!

Cauliflower pesto collage

Cauliflower pesto collage