I know I have posted this before but today at Frutas Mati in my village I noticed that a bunch of fresh looking asparagus was winking at me. I ignored it for a while knowing that it had been flown in at great cost (financially and environmentally) from Peru or somewhere like that.

Anyway, the asparagus won so my indulgence today and in celebration that the football season starts in just nine days time…

Heat a griddle pan to high.

Meanwhile, snap off the woody parts of the asparagus and place in a bowl.

Drizzle a little oil and freshly ground black pepper over the spears.

When the griddle pan is very hot place the spears against the grooves of the pan.

Whilst they are griddling make a dressing of extra virgin oil, balsamic vinegar and more black pepper.

When the asparagus has changed colour and they are starting to show stripes on them then it is time to transfer to a plate.

Shave some parmesan over and drizzle with the dressing.

This is so yummy and it is perfectly accepted to mop up the juices with fresh crusty bread.