One day, two years ago, on a hot weekday, I asked my neighbour, Rosa, where I could buy goat meat. She seemed bemused at my question which I found strange as I’ve seen plenty of goat herds is these parts. After a short shrug she told me I need to ask a massaman and not to worry as her auntie was friendly with one. She may know where to get goat meat from.

When I was relaxing on my roof terrace I thought about Rosa and a massaman then it suddenly dawned on me – when she mentioned massaman she made a twirling gesture above her head. She was talking about a muslim.

It didn’t take me too long to discover that massaman is the name of a Thai curry, a recipe left behind by spice traders from Persia. The name massaman doesn’t exist in the Thai langauge and neither does Pork Massaman but I made an Andalucian version anyway. Something like this:

Brown off pork pieces in oil, then remove.
Add finely sliced onion
Allow to soften before adding sliced garlic
Add massaman curry paste*
Allow to cook for 5 minutes
Add some coconut milk
Turn the heat down and allow it to plop, plop, plop
Pour yourself a glass of something and retire for a good 20 minutes (you may wish to return just to make sure things aren’t drying out – if so then add some stock/water/white wine)
Now add diced butternut squash and sliced carrots
Allow to continue cooking on a lowish heat (add a little more liquid if necessary)
Add back the pork and cover for 30 minutes or so
Things should be coming up to readiness now so add some frozen vegetables if you wish, sweetcorn, peas, green beans, etc.
Stir and allow to warm through
Just before serving throw in a handful of fresh coriander (or parsley or basil or all)

Serve with rice, couscous, flatbreads or chunky rustic bread.

* Massaman curry paste

Whiz the following:

Red chilli
Onion or shallot
Fish sauce
Fresh lemongrass
Tomato puree
Fresh coriander
Toasted – coriander,cumin,cinnamon stick, cloves and black peppercorns

And by the way goat meat in Spain is called choto/chota but be careful because it has several other meanings too.

Pork Massaman Curry