A fellow blogger from Bengal gave me inspiration to create my version of this fabulous sounding chutney. I have change several things but overall it is still sweet and sour and that’s what attracts me. And tasting as I cooked I believe it will turn out to be fabulous.

Panch Phoran ( ½ teaspoon of each: fenugreek, nigella, cumin, black mustard and fennel seeds )
1 tbs olive oil
8 large tomatoes, roughly chopped
150g palm sugar (or brown sugar)
Small knob ginger, grated
3 bay leaves
3 whole dried red chillies, flaked
1 tsp salt
½ tsp white pepper
150ml water
50ml apple cider vinegar
1 tbs tomato marmalade or tomato purée
Fresh lemon juice

Place frying pan over low heat and then add the oil, when it shimmers throw in the spices. When the spices start to crackle and pop add the grated ginger and sauté for one minute then add the tomatoes, bay leaves and salt and white pepper. Stir gently and cook for 5 minutes on a medium heat.

Add the vinegar and cook for one minute, then add the water and simmer for an hour or two (depending how much liquid the tomatoes release).

Add the tomato marmalade and sugar continuing to cook until you have achieved a syrupy consistency (which may take another hour or so but be careful not to allow it to catch). Lastly, stir through a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

When cooled pour into sterilised jars and refrigerate – should keep for months in the fridge.

Goes well with everything.

Sweet  and Sour Tomato Chutney