This is an expensive cut and is great but it doesn’t surpass neck fillet or shank, leg or shoulder or even stuffed and rolled breast.  In my opinion.

I love lamb as you know so when a butcher new to me showed me ‘carret de cordero’ I bought it. 22€ for 1.5kg of deliciousness.

And as I haven’t seen racks on sale in Andalucía before it was obvious to serve it up in all of it’s snootiness.

It is not necessary to ‘French trim’ unless you are really looking for presentation although do run a sharp knife between each chop to seperate the bone a little. Rack deserves a little attention which is simply done by coating it in Dijon mustard then rolling it in a mixture of fresh breadcrumbs, garlic, rosemary and black pepper. Cook fat side up at 180°C for 30 minutes = rare, 35 minutes = medium, 40 minutes done (not pink at all).

Serve with olive oil roasted potatoes (with a little fresh rosemary), steamed broccoli, a little gravy and home-made mint sauce.

I cooked with an unfamiliar non-fan oven and this temperature and time. It worked for me.

Crusted Rack of Lamb