The last ripe tomato sitting in my kitchen winked at me saying, ‘use me or lose me…’ the bunch were ripe when I bought them anyway so the last chance to use it inspired this.
Baked aubergine and mozzarella tower with tomato, ginger and mint salsa. A starter for one. 

Somebody has just asked me for the recipe, I thought you’d get it from the picture but here it is anyway. 

Slice aubergine then griddle. Slice mozzarella and place between the aubergine slices making a tower. Place in the oven on high for 10 minutes or so. 

For the salsa:

Dice a ripe tomato discarding the seeds. Place in a ramekin and add finely chopped garlic, white pepper, cayenne pepper, shredded mint, grated ginger and a glug of extra virgin olive. Allow time to marry – 5 minutes will be enough. 

When the tower is ready drizzle with the salsa and serve immediately.