Tiny shrimp are used in this Spanish fritter recipe. All fish stalls have these tiny shrimps which you eat whole.

150g Camarones
100g Plain flour
100g Chickpea flour
240ml cold water
Small spring onion, finely chopped
Parsley, finely chopped
White pepper
Turmeric (optional)

In a bowl mix all ingredients except the shrimps, parsley, onion and water

Add water to form a batter

Mix in shrimps, parsley and onion, mix well then chill for 30 minutes

Meanwhile, in a large frying pan add olive oil and gently bring up to heat

When ready and using a tablespoon add the batter to the hot oil (flatten a little) and cook until golden

Pre Covid-19 these little beauties were often served as a (free) tapa in the bars of my village.