In Málaga province the village of Cuevas Bajas (population 1,600) has a fiesta celebrating the purple carrot – La Fiesta de la Zanahoria Morá. It is around the first week of December and it is a unique celebration of purple carrots.

The unique colour of purple carrots reflects their health giving properties which includes vitamin A and the same beta-carotene of orange carrots, they are also full of the same compounds that give blueberries their colour and super health benefits – improving memory, sight, anti-inflammatory and protection against heart attacks.

And for the record if I close my eyes for a blind tasting I honestly cannot tell any difference in taste although I thought the purple one was a little more crunchier. And when chopping carrots the purple ones certainly make your fingers purpley.

The first purple carrots were thought to have been cultivated 5,000 years ago in Afghanistan and introduced to Spain by the Arabs. Anyhow, the Dutch were the premier carrot farmers once and in the 17th century they created a strain of orange carrots which is common place today.

However, they haven’t met up with the Cueveño farmers lately.

Purple Carrot